Delivery Policies

We deliver our photos in two ways:


Pickups - Some orders can be printed overnight and are available for pickup the next morning at our sales locations. If for any reason, the pickup is not available when promised, we will deliver the photo to your home at no cost to you via U.S. Mail or Fedex Ground. If the order is placed as a pickup and the customer fails for any reason to pick it up, we can send the order via U.S. Mail or Fedex Ground at the customer's expense.


Mail Orders - Mail orders are printed at a later time than pickup orders and can sometimes take up to 4 weeks for delivery during our busiest seasons. Mail orders are delivered via U.S. Mail or Fedex Ground.


Damaged or Incorrect Photos

If you should receive a damages or incorrect photo via pickup order, please inform our staff and a reprint will promptly be issued for pickup, or, if necessary, sent to you at no cost. If you should receive a damaged or incorrect photo via mail order, please fold the photo up and mail it back to us in a regular envelope. Be sure to include your name, address, shooting date/location, and a description of the problem. We will promptly replace the photo at no additional cost to you.


We can only make our living if our customers are happy. We do our best to provide top-quality product, but based on volume and many variables, we occasionally cannot meet this goal.

We will happily refund money under the following circumstances:

(1) If for any reason we are unable to deliver a pre-paid photo to you.

(2) If there is an uncorrectable physical defect with the negative or digital file that produces a flawed print.

Payment Options

We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. Personal checks and cash are always welcome.


Today's Shooting Locations


Now is the time to schedule your in-home or base area portrait session: 


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PLEASE NOTE: Due to Mountain Mall remodel, our print lab will be closed after November 8th. Print orders can be placed, but will be delayed until we can move into our new lab. Check back for updates.



Digital orders are still available. Contact us if you don't see digital options.




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