9 Degrees and Loving It

During the recent cold snap I heard a lot of people complaining about the weather and wishing for it to warm up again.  But I love the super-cold and this is why... I feel like I am really surviving.  We went out to shoot photos on Monday and it was -9°.  As I stood out on the slopes watching the masked skiers swoosh by I could feel the cold actually penetrating through the cloth of my jacket and the plastic of my boots.  In response my blood started to really move, it was as if I could force warmth into my fingers and toes just with my thoughts.  I know I couldn't have done that for very long, but for the hour I was out in it I thrived on the clean air in my lungs, and sharp tang of the low temps on the small bit of skin I had exposed to the elements.  As I skied down to the base lodge the cold sank through my goggles and my eyes were watering by the time I was down.  We stamped and blew and laughed at the frozen wisps of hair and eyebrows that framed our faces.  We were alive and living in Montana.
Brr Frosty Beard
This fellow was visiting from Bozeman and he says the beard really does work to keep his face warm!